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Students Turn Page on E-Mail Communication

Students Turn Page on E-Mail Communication

Students are moving away from e-mail communication and are more inclined to send text or instant messages. As this migration continues, look for campuses to also pull away from e-mail accounts. With Facebook, Twitter, texting, and instant messaging constantly evolving, there really is no way to predict the most common form of communication in the next five years.

Read full article: “How Will Students Communicate?”
(Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 6, 2011; NACS.org)


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Barnes & Noble Focuses on Digital Horizon

Barnes & Noble Focuses on Digital Horizon

In its quarterly report, Barnes & Noble expects revenue increases to be largely driven by sales of its e-reader devices and accessories, and by increases in children’s products and nonbook items.

To that end, the company is investing most of its time and money on digital materials and readers—something all publishers and book retailers should be considering.

Read the full article here: “B&N loss narrows; e-book push weighs on outlook”
(The Associated Press, Nov. 30, 2010; NACS.org)

New Tech Updates

APPLE GOT INTO THE BLACK Friday spirit, reducing the price of the iPad by $41. People who purchased the iPad online that day paid $458 for a model without a 3G connection and with 16 gigabytes of storage. The top-end, 3G connection with 64 gigs sold for $788.  

MEXICO LAUNCHED THE MEXICAN Digital Library this week, joining an international online project. The library makes historical texts available in eight languages worldwide under the World Digital Library project. Mexico’s library features manuscripts published in the pictorial script used by native peoples before Spanish colonists arrived in the 16th century.

SONY PLANS TO LAUNCH AN E-BOOK store this month for Android devices and iPhones. PC Magazine reported that users won’t have to own a Sony Reader to access content from the company’s bookstore on the iPhone or Android devices.

ONLINE BOOK, MUSIC, and media retailer Alibris launched a web site geared for smartphones and tablet computers in an effort to attract bargain shoppers who like to price-check while on the go.

MARKET RESEARCH ORGANIZATION GfK MRI said approximately 5.9 million U.S. adults own an e-reader, up from 2.1 million owners in the March-October period of 2009. Males make up 49% of e-reader owners, and 51% are women.


Tablet News; 11.30.10

Tablet News; 11.30.10


iPads assist disabled users

 iPads assist disabled users

Here is an inspiring story and video from The New York Times about a boy with a degenerative disease that has been able to interact with an iPad. His mother says it is the first device that they have had success with and it is far cheaper than other devices they have tried. In addition, because the apps are inexpensive they can experiment to see which ones are the most beneficial.

The article notes that there are studies in progress to determine how effective the iPad is for people with disabilities. In the months since the iPad has been on the market, it has already become a popular device for assisting the disabled but the usefulness of the device depends on the specific disability. In the coming months, we can expect that additional apps will be created and added to the app store to assist disabled users.

There is a great, heartfelt video; watch it here.

E-Readers Hot This Holiday Season

Electronic readers such as the Kindle and the Nook are among the latest tech devices many think will be favorites for shoppers this holiday season.

Publishers Weekly studied traditional e-readers, tablet computers, and smartphones used to access electronic content. The list is a quick glance at each item with an image, price, and other details.

Read full article: “Digital Readers: A Guide”
(Publishers Weekly, Nov. 15, 2010; NACS.org)

Will print books survive E-Book takeover?

  • AMAZON FRANCE CHIEF EXECUTIVE Xavier Garambois said prices of e-books should be 30% to 40% lower than those for print. A bill that will determine who sets e-book prices is working its way through the French parliament.
  • WILL ELECTRONIC BOOK SALES climb to 15% to 20% of the market by 2015? That’s what a recent French study by Bain & Co. claims. The study says tablets such as the iPad will account for about two-thirds to three-quarters of total sales, while e-readers will account for the remainder. The study was conducted among 3,000 people in six countries: France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States.