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Best Note Taking Software?

 Below is a question I received via email from a friend of mine about note taking software and my answer and recommendations. I thought it might also be helpful for some of you even though it was a quickly written email.


 You seem to be more organized than I when it comes to probably many things, but specifically putting ideas on paper.  I really love evernote for quick ideas or whatever to jot down.  What program do you use for your main note taking?  

Trying to find something better for school.  I will be trying a trial version of circus ponies notebook, have you ever tried it?


 Lol, well I try to be organized. There are a lot out there and many are very similar with small differences. For example, Evernote is great because it is a mobile app, has a website that you can update with a full keyboard on a computer and has search and photo functions. Catch is similar and works well too. For PC, I found Microsoft OneNote to work really well for notes of all kinds; it’s a really robust piece of software.

 Another type of very helpful software for me are mind maps. A quick search will give you a dozen providers. These are great for brain storming and coagulating information and organizing it. I look for something that doesn’t need to be downloaded, lives on the cloud so I can access it from any computer with internet, I can publish them so anyone can see or give specific access, and obviously free. For an example of a mind map that is actually a resource for online collaboration tools, check out: http://www.mindmeister.com/maps/show/12213323. I have used http://www.Mindmeister.com and am looking at using http://www.thebrain.com/ which might be a little more user friendly. You can copy website or article links, upload documents of all kinds, color coordinate, and on with these programs. There is a whole section on mind mapping in that resource map above.

 I’m typically a fan of stuff that can be accessed on the cloud. I can use it at work, home, on my phone, at my parent’s house, on my girlfriend’s computer at her house or wherever I happen to be at. So Evernote and Mindmeister work well for that. I use Google docs a lot too, but that isn’t exactly a note taking program. I haven’t found a replacement for Onenote for Mac, but the notebook function for word works pretty well and much better than Evernote for something like taking notes in class. You can organize, write lots of content, and actually record audio too. It shows where the audio matches up with what you’re writing. I’ll keep my eye out for some better things when I come across them too. I haven’t tried Circus Ponies Notebook, but it looks cool

 I hope some of that jumbled stuff is helpful. What are you currently using?




 What do you use? Any suggestions?

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