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Old Spice Interactive Commercials go Viral

Old Spice Creates an Interactive Video Campaign

Companies that create a two way dialogue with their customers are reaping the rewards. Old Spice has created You Tube commericals specifically responding to tweets they’ve received. See below for examples.

This is a really great idea. The production time for these videos is really minimal but are great, interesting content causing it to go viral.


Interact with Mike Roberts; QR Code landing page

This post is a landing page for a QR code flyer at Interactive Day San Diego.

My name is Mike Roberts. I am at Interactive Day San Diego today. Text: 5624811117 or say hi to connect. I am also actively pursuing new career opportunities.

Click here to view my Interactive Video Resume and learn more.  

Connect with me:

I will be attending these sessions at IDSD:

9:45 am: Email Marketing in the age of Social Media

11:00 am: The Unfair Advantage of Inbound Marketing

2:00 pm: Twitter Stories: True Tales of Marketing Success

3:30 pm: Creating Real Fans for Real Brands


I would love to meet up after the conference and exchange notes for these and the other sessions available.


Cell: 562.481.1117
Email: MikeRoberts [at] MrobertsOnline [dot] com

RT @jontuckerusa: Facebook Averaged Almo

RT @jontuckerusa: Facebook Averaged Almost 8 New Registrations Per Second In 2010

Facebook Fans Vs. Twitter Followers:

Facebook Fans Vs. Twitter Followers: Which Are More Valuable?

The New York Times interactive savings

The New York Times interactive savings calculator; pretty cool to play with the variables:

Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011 h

Seven Technologies That Will Rock 2011 via @techcrunchtwitter feed

Great video shows how Google Docs can create presentations

Interesting Post: Google’s new lap top.

Interesting Post: Google’s new lap top. See how computers & how we access the web is changing &the marketing application

RT @jontuckerusa: Will 2011 See App Make

RT @jontuckerusa: Will 2011 See App Makers Thinking Android-First?

13 Mobile Technology Predictions for 2011

13 Mobile Technology Predictions for 2011: