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Interact with Mike Roberts; QR Code landing page

This post is a landing page for a QR code flyer at Interactive Day San Diego.

My name is Mike Roberts. I am at Interactive Day San Diego today. Text: 5624811117 or say hi to connect. I am also actively pursuing new career opportunities.

Click here to view my Interactive Video Resume and learn more.  

Connect with me:

I will be attending these sessions at IDSD:

9:45 am: Email Marketing in the age of Social Media

11:00 am: The Unfair Advantage of Inbound Marketing

2:00 pm: Twitter Stories: True Tales of Marketing Success

3:30 pm: Creating Real Fans for Real Brands


I would love to meet up after the conference and exchange notes for these and the other sessions available.


Cell: 562.481.1117
Email: MikeRoberts [at] MrobertsOnline [dot] com

Interactive Video Resume; Mike Roberts; Part 1 – Intro This is an Interactive Video Resume for Mike Roberts. Mike Roberts is actively pursuing new career opportunities. To view his resume and learn more about his job search, please visit his … Continue reading

Flix on Stix Offers Movie Downloads to Flash Drives

Flix on Stix Offers Movie Downloads to Flash Drives

Movies were once only available at theaters, at least until rental stores came along. Then Netflix popped up and offered movies-by-mail, sending flicks directly to the customer’s home with no late fees. Next, kiosks began appearing with ability to rent movies 24 hours a day in various locations.
Now, Flix on Stix lets consumers plug in a portable flash drive and download a movie, making it viewable on any number of devices.

Read the full article: “CES: Flix on Stix moves movies from kiosk to USB”
(, Jan. 6, 2011;

Students Turn Page on E-Mail Communication

Students Turn Page on E-Mail Communication

Students are moving away from e-mail communication and are more inclined to send text or instant messages. As this migration continues, look for campuses to also pull away from e-mail accounts. With Facebook, Twitter, texting, and instant messaging constantly evolving, there really is no way to predict the most common form of communication in the next five years.

Read full article: “How Will Students Communicate?”
(Inside Higher Ed, Jan. 6, 2011;


Mobile Shoppers Have Leverage Mobile shoppers, those savvy consumers who use handheld devices such as smartphones and other gadgets to search for deals while standing inside a store, are in a better position to bargain with retailers for a lower … Continue reading

Assign a Social Network Manager

Every retail store should have at least a Facebook and/or Twitter presence today. Making the most of that social network, however, is key to the success of the effort.

As a business, be sure to assign someone from the store to be the manager of your social network presence. This article provides a step-by-step process in choosing the right person for the job. If several people will be contributing to the social network, assign someone to filter the information and take ownership of the overall effort.

See full article: “How to Select a Facebook Community Manager”

(SocialMedia Examiner, Dec. 23, 2010;

Let Facebook Sell Excess Inventory

Can’t figure out how to rid your store of that seemingly unsellable stock? The company featured in this story allowed customers visiting its Facebook page to vote on merchandise from a collection about to be discontinued, with the promise most popular item would be priced at a discount.

The winning product sold out quickly at the discounted rate. This is just one more example of how stores can use social networks to better their business.

See full article: “Clothing Retailer’s Secret Weapon: The Facebook ‘Like’ Button”
(Fast Company, Dec. 28, 2010;

J.C. Penney Catalog on Facebook

JCPenney Co. put its entire product catalog on Facebook. If you can see it in the store, it can also be seen on the company’s Facebook page.
Small and large retailers alike have dabbled in social network marketing, but none have taken it to this level. The more people become comfortable purchasing online, the more profits will be had through social networks. What are you doing to tap into this channel?
See full article: “J.C. Penney Moves Entire Product Catalog to Facebook”
(practical ecommerce, Dec. 16, 2010;

E-Commerce, Online Sales, Kindle, Social Networks Quick Updates

MASTERCARD REPORTED THAT E-COMMERCE sales increased 13.5% this holiday compared with last year. The report was based on retail sales from all payment forms, including credit and debit cards, cash, and checks. Percentages of e-commerce spending increased by double-digits since the second week of November, outshining growth in tradition retail sales.
Overall, shoppers spent more money this year than even before the recession. Spending rose 5.5% leading up to Christmas, exceeding forecasts. Increases were witnessed in almost every retail category, with apparel leading the way, boasting an 11.2% increase. Jewelry was up 8.4%, and luxury goods increased 6.7%.

EVEN MORE EVIDENCE SHOWS shoppers stepped up online, gift card, and non-physical store spending, according to Forrester Research. Although customers are spending more in bricks-and-mortar stores, the increased comfort with spending money online appears to have taken hold. Estimated online spending is up 16% to $52 billion, according to Forrester.

MANY RETAILERS DROPPED RESTOCKING fees and return deadlines. Consumer fraud forced many stores to install stringent return policies, which the National Retail Federation estimated to total $3.7 billion this holiday season. The fraud includes returning stolen merchandise, using counterfeit receipts and returning used items. In an effort to build customer relations, retailers dropped these fees for the 2010 holiday season.

THE KINDLE THIRD GENERATION has become the best-selling item in history, surpassing previous all-time top seller, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said Kindle’s low $139 price is a key factor. Consumers can afford a dedicated reader in addition to other devices with e-reading capabilities.

SOCIAL NETWORKS are spreading. Social network use increased for all ages from 2008 to 2010, according to Pew Research. Use for people 18 to 33 increased from 67% to 83%. Those 45 and older more than doubled social network use, and 16% of adults 74 and older now communicate this way.