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Social Media Fail: Commit Only Half Way

Many companies only commit 20% of the resources to social media that they need to succeed. Jump in all the way or don’t waste your time.

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Content is not King, Web Design Trumps it

Great content is king, but there is more to the story. Bad web design can discredit content and cause people to bounce away from your site before reading any of that great content.

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Video Transcript:

Hi. My name is Mike Roberts. I am an online marketing specialist. You can
find all of my marketing materials on my website at

Everyone has heard the phrase content is king. All of the internet
marketers out there anyway have, and it’s very valid advice. However, it
needs to be qualified.

Content is how someone gets to your website. Content is what keeps readers
coming back. Content is what gets shared. Having good content is what gets
shared on social media, and that’s all very true. However, when you have
someone that comes to your website, maybe for the first time, and you have
a terrible web design, they immediately start to form a first impression
and they start to immediately distrust what you have to say.

There have been some studies that have been done that show as many as 94%
of people distrust a website because of the web design. The reasons could
point to the font is too small. The aesthetics is just poor. They have bad
graphics. They have too many ads. The user experience is bad. The
navigation is terrible. They can’t find what they’re looking for. The fonts
or the colors are odd. It’s hard to read.

All of these things need to be paid attention to when you have a blog or a
website, and it needs to show that you actually put some thought and time
into how you are going to present and package your content. It really is a
big difference between good and bad sites, and it makes or breaks because
you have a split second to catch people’s attention to say hey, stay a
little longer and start reading my content.

A lot of times people come to a site and get an immediate first glance at
it, and they’ll bounce back. They’ll hit the back button. They’ll bounce
back to another site. They’ll click over to somewhere else because the
design is bad.

So I would encourage to put some effort, put some time into how are you
going to present your content and the overall website design or blog design
that you’re working with.

Facebook’s Auto Sharing: The Future of it

Soon, it will be common for people’s personal information to be updated on Social Media channels of all kinds. Here we talk about some of those implications of Facebook introducing auto sharing.

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Check out an earlier article about everything your business needs to know about Facebook’s changes to learn more.
Video Transcription:
Facebook introduced the idea of automatic sharing on social networks and
that exists today. The question now is how far will it go? What will the
next steps be? And really, how many aspects of your life will be
automatically updated to your entire social network in the near future?

Hi, my name is Mike Roberts. I am an online marketing specialist. You can
find all my marketing materials on my website at

Because these tools don’t actually exist today, we have to look at our
society’s trends, essentially, where we’ve come from and where we’re headed
in the future. And if you look back, maybe 40, 50 years ago, people were
much more conservative with the amount of information they gave to complete
strangers. And progressively, we have seen people become much more
comfortable giving away personal information, and now we have a generation,
Generation Y, who has grown up in a world with Facebook and does not know a
world without it. And so, they’re used to sharing photos and friends having
everything be very public about what they’re doing, what their relationship
status is, and where they live, and all of these details that were never
given to strangers before.

So, we have a shift, that I don’t think will slow, I don’t think will stop.
I think social media has picked up the pace pretty drastically. I see that
we now have come to point where Facebook is taking a huge step in that
direction, even more so. So, automatic sharing is an example, where now I
can listen to a song on Spotify, and all of my songs can now be updated
automatically to all of my friends and so they can all hear what I’m
listening to. That’s a pretty safe example, but expand that to all areas of
my life, and now all of my friends in my social network can find out all of
the details automatically.

I wonder about Foursquare or other location-based services. Will those also
be included sometime? Maybe right now, people aren’t comfortable with that.
There’s a backlash against Facebook saying, “We don’t want this. It’s too
much. It’s too transparent. We need some privacy still.” But what about in
five years or so? People will gradually become more and more comfortable
sharing more and more information as the trend continues to evolve. And
now, every time I stop by a Starbucks, everyone knows because it
automatically checks me in. I don’t even have to pull out my phone. I can
see this is how it could be happening in the future. This is where we could
be going, and I think that there will be people that will drag their feet,
screaming privacy, that they want more privacy. But there’s also going to
be people that find it very cool and a way to express themselves.

So, I expect the trend to continue. I’d be very interested in hearing what
your thoughts are. These are just my thoughts and my musings, and I thought
I’d throw out the question to you. Do you think this is where we’re going
with social media in our society, with Facebook and Google+ and Foursquare
and things? Or do you think that there’s going to be a pendulum backslash
to things like Facebook?

If you have a burning marketing question that you want answered or you need
some help with, go ahead and make a comment below or send me a tweet on
Twitter, and I’d be happy to do the best I can to answer that in a
following video post. Keep an eye out for my next post about Google+, how
businesses can actually use it effectively and how to get followers, how to
get people to actually care about what you’re doing there. So stay tuned.

Again, my name is Mike Roberts. If you want more digital marketing insights
or advice or questions or anything like that, go ahead and follow me on
Google+ or on Twitter as mrobertsonline or subscribe to my Youtube channel.
Thanks for watching.