Direct Mail Suprissingly Successful-Statistics to Show

I would expect for direct mail to be an extremely archaic channel to communicate with customers. It’s slow, expensive, the channel is flooded, and it’s fairly widely considered to be a nuisance. However, a couple of the statistics below are showing higher viewing and response ratings than I would expect. I’m still skeptical, but this is what the study is showing.


of Advertising pieces sent by Standard Mail in 2009 were mailed by retailers/merchants.


of U.S. households either read or scan advertising mail sent to their household.


of U.S. households read catalogs. Only 19 percent discard them without reading them.


Number of weekly advertising mail pieces that affluent households (those earning $150,000+ annually) intend to respond to.


of “advertising-only” mail sent by First-Class Mail in 2009 was mailed by the services industry.

Source: U.S. Postal Service Household Diary Study, 2009. Referenced by Deliver; Volume 6, Issue 6, December 2010

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