Google eBookstore: What is it? Strategy? Branding?

Google eBookstore: What is it? Strategy? Branding?

The launch of the Google eBookstore, formerly Google Editions, immediately positions Google as the largest e-book provider in the world. It also provides an easy way for independent bookstores to offer electronic reading material, freeing bricks-and-mortar stores from the need to build their own platform.

Google eBookstore is available on iPads and most other digital devices

Google eBookstore is available on iPads and most other digital devices

The e-reading wing of the search-engine giant comes with the approval of the American Booksellers Association, supporting Google’s claim that it wants to help bricks-and-mortar stores provide digital content. Dozens of independent stores are selling Google eBooks through a partnership with the association.

If you are offering Google eBooks, promote with everything you have. It’s new and people will want to try it. It would be best if they tried it through your web site.

The whole thing summed up:

The launch includes a redesigned Google Books page, featuring both a store where consumers can find and buy e-books, and a research option for those who wish to search and use the repository. It also includes a Google web reader, and apps for both Apple and Android devices, which are available for free. Google’s cloud-based e-books can be accessed and read anywhere, on any device with a modern, HTML5-enabled browser, whether desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, tablets, or via apps for iPhones, iPads, and Android-powered smartphones. Because it is an open platform, Google eBooks will also be accessible on any e-reader that is based on an open platform, like ePub, including, the Sony Reader and the B&N Nook. Announced over two years ago, the program launches just in time for the 2010 holiday season, with roughly 4,000 participating publishers. Although it is currently limited to the U.S., Google will roll out international editions of Google eBooks beginning in early 2011.”

Google’s Continues its Unconventional Open Source Strategy

“Tom Turvey, director of strategic partnerships for Google, told PW the alliance with the ABA and independent booksellers was a critical part of Google’s e-book vision. “We specifically designed the program so indies could leapfrog into the e-book game without having to invest a lot of upfront costs beyond the time to integrate our platform and make sure its working properly,” Turvey said. “This was hugely important for us. The last thing we wanted was to reduce thousands of points of presence on the book retail side to three or four. That’s not healthy.””

Typography of Android logo made up of text that characterizes the software. Android Software is Open Source

Typography of Android logo made up of text that characterizes the software. Android Software is Open Source

We must remind ourselves that Google is in the advertising business. The more people are online, the more eye balls will be using search to find things which translates into more advertising dollars. They’re offerings of open source software such as the Android software that has become mainstream in the mobile world and now this in the eBooks industry allows Google to dominate market share very very quickly.


Google eBookstore Branding

As for changing the named from Google Editions, Turvey said that was always the plan, and that Google Editions was just a placeholder as the company sketched out the contours of the program with its partners. With the term “e-book” making significant strides in recent years with consumers, re-branding the program Google eBooks was a natural choice.

Read the full article here: “Google Launches Google eBooks, Formerly Google Editions”
(Publishers Weekly, Dec. 6, 2010;


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