Critique Targets Google’s new eBookstore

Google logo with a stack of books

Google launches their new eBookstore

Critique Targets Google’s new eBookstore

Although Google may want the world to believe it has every book ever published available in digital format and accessible from anywhere on the planet, on any electronic reading device, that’s simply not the case.

The author of this article points out some of the misconceptions associated with Google’s latest business venture.

“Google offers “hundreds of thousands” of in-copyright books through arrangements with publishers. That’s a lot – but nearly 300,000 books were published by traditional publishers in the US last year alone. And “anywhere” depends on where you are. I’ve been hearing all day from friends in New Zealand and Australia that “anywhere” doesn’t include them. Kind of a strange definition of the word. “

Overall, I believe the article is a bit overly critical, but does present some interesting points to consider.

Read the article here: “The Illusion of Google’s Limitless Library”
(Inside Higher Ed, Dec. 6, 2010;


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