Financially Strained Consumers Target-Shop

Financially Strained Consumers Target-Shop

A prolonged recession has changed the shopping habits of Americans. No longer are they willing to snap up that unnecessary item strategically placed near the checkout counter. In fact, retailers are more likely today to find items discarded there by shoppers who had second thoughts about a purchase.

Consumers are going to malls and other shopping venues with a targeted list of things to purchase. Retailers must be even more conscious of purchasing trends to cater to customers’ needs, not their wants.

“Websites like Groupon are becoming more popular. Since its launch in late 2008, the site has attracted 25 million subscribers around the world. They band together to get the lowest price on an item, then pounce.

Shoppers who sign up for Groupon e-mails are pitched mainly local offers, from discounts on massages to restaurants. If enough people act to take advantage, the deal takes effect. If that quota isn’t met, no one gets the deal.

The Gap’s recent Groupon offer of $25 off a $50 purchase was a blockbuster. Gap sold 441,000 offers as part of a one-day only promotion in August, for a total of $11 million.”

Read the full article: “As consumers get choosier, retailers get anxious”
(, Nov. 8, 2010;


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