Web and Social Media will boost Holiday Sales

Web and Social Media will boost Holiday Sales

Sales Growth

  • Nearly two-thirds of retailers (63.8%) expect their company’s online sales to grow by fifteen percent or more compared to last holiday season

The Web is King

  • “In addition to using websites to bring in sales, retailers are leveraging the internet to encourage shoppers to head to nearby stores, featuring store locator information, product availability, and store circulars on their websites.” A great example of the need for Integrated Marketing Communications
  • Online Retailers aren’t abandoning some of the web’s most alluring incentives, including free shipping. Four out of five online retailers (84.8%) will offer free shipping at some point during the holiday season
  • About one-third
    (32.2%) of online shoppers say they’ll make more of their holiday purchases on the web this year because:

    • 24-hour convenience (35.1%)
    • Easy price comparisons (33.1%)
    • Lack of desire to fight the crowds (30.8%)
  • If they say they will spend less online than last year (6.1%), it’s because:
    • Expensive shipping charges (19.2%)
    • A preference to see or handle an item before purchasing (13.9%)
    • Not wanting to wait for the item to be delivered (5.7%)

Social Media earns a platform this year

  • According to the survey, the majority of retailers (72.5%) say they have invested in the company’s Facebook page in advance of the holidays.
  • Another 43.1 percent of retailers say they have invested more this holiday season in a Twitter campaign or Twitter feed.
  • “Online retailers know shoppers care about low prices and free shipping, but they also appreciate the ability to easily find gift ideas or shop around the clock,” said Phil Rist, Executive Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, BIGresearch.
    • “Instead of trying to entice shoppers to come to them, retailers will be leveraging social media in an even more vibrant way this holiday season to  reach consumers where they already are: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.”

Much of this is comprised of shortened quotes from Shop.org. Read the full article here.


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