It’s the most wonderful time of the year for tech buyers

  • SEARS WILL OPEN ITS STORES from 7 a.m.-noon on Thanksgiving, the first time the retailer has opened its doors on the holiday since its first retail location debuted 85 years ago, in an effort to bring in holiday bargain hunters before Black Friday.
  • ONLINE SALES According to the October 2010 Morpace Omnibus Study, 66% of those aged 18-34 plan to make online purchases this season. Overall, 58% of consumers anticipate spending 50% or more of their holiday shopping dollars on online purchases.
  • THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS Association’s chief economist said, according to research and surveys, 85% of adults want some sort of tech gadget for the holidays, and more importantly, 15% of consumers expect to give a tablet or e-reader as a gift.
  • WALMART, TARGET, AND BEST BUY are jumping on expert predictions that consumer electronics will be the hottest gift categories this holiday season, offering deals on HD televisions, laptops, smartphones, video games, and other electronics and accessories. The Consumer Electronics Association estimated 32% of shoppers will make a consumer electronics purchase, but they will be selective and looking for good deals.

2 responses to “It’s the most wonderful time of the year for tech buyers

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